Epoxy Resin And Woodworking

Epoxy Resin And Woodworking

Paul Schlitz first manufactured epoxy resin in 1934. It is a compound made from the chemical reaction of epoxy and a hardener like a polyamide. Since epoxy resin is synthetic, it is cheaper than natural resin. Epoxy Resin is often used to coat natural wood when it is dry. The resin coat prevents environmental and mechanical damage on the surface of the wood. It also gives the wood a gorgeous sheen.

What Makes Epoxy Resin Special

Epoxy Resin is an adhesive used in a variety of industries and applications. It provides a protective covering against humidity and water. Epoxy binds easily to any surface, which makes it easy to join two different materials with it. It is extremely useful for sealing and coating applications and can create countertops and flooring.

When To Apply Epoxy Resin On Wood

Before applying epoxy resin to the wood, you have to ensure that the wood is warm. Also, the epoxy resin should be thin and without any bubbles.

Epoxy Resin And Wood Art

Epoxy Resin is also applied to wood art to preserve the imagery and keep it clean. Artists use it to keep their paintings, installation pieces, and mixed media articles in their original condition. However, resin does not stick to pieces made up of polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon, or Teflon.

How To Work With Epoxy Resin

You can usually apply epoxy resin over the surface of stained wood. However, dyes can be made up of a wide range of ingredients. The resin might not properly react or adhere to dyed wood. To avoid this risk, try using water-based paints to stain your wood. If you do not use water-based pigments, you have to test the wood before applying epoxy resin. Also, keep in mind that you cannot apply any stains over the resin coat. You can also seal the wood with a brush-on sealant or spray before applying epoxy resin. This will keep the dyed surface and the polish away from each other. Sealing the wood also prevents bubbles.

Other Things To Keep In Mind

Before applying the resin, you have to ensure that the resin and hardener have been mixed properly. You have to combine them in the correct ratio. The cure time of your batch will be affected if you mix too much or little hardener. You need to mix it thoroughly, using a slow-speed mixer or drill for 3-4 minutes. Do not use a glass container to mix the hardener and resin. Also, remember to clean the surface of the wood before you apply the polish. If you want epoxy resin for your woodwork or any other project, you can head over to https://squidpoxy.ca. They sell various epoxy resins that you can use for your tabletops, art projects, or boat. Their resins are of high-quality and will last for a long time. Be sure to check out https://squidpoxy.com to learn more! 


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