Capturing Dragonflies in Resin

In this tutorial, Heidi from Dragonfly Treasures Resin Art teaches you how to create a heart-shaped home décor ornament with a dragonfly and epoxy resin. This tutorial is ideal if you are getting started with epoxy resin!


Squid-Art Epoxy Resin (Casts up to 1.5”), Squid-Craft Epoxy Resin (1/16 “), Blue Glow in the Dark Pigment , Silicone Mold, Dried Dragonfly, Dried Flowers/Botanicals , Fillers (ex. Glass Beads)

The Steps

1.Pick out a silicone mold to place your Dragonfly and botanicals in. I chose a Heart mold for this project.

Ensure any flowers, botanicals and your Dragonfly are dried, otherwise they will rot in the epoxy resin overtime.

Dragonflies lose their colour once they dry outcompletely.

I prepped my Dragonfly with glitter glue for his tailand his wings to add back the colours he would have had.

2 .Prepare your resin. The first layer I used Squid-Art. Mix according to the instructions.

Squid-Art can be poured up to 1.5” so for this project it was perfect, as I wanted a crystal-clear layer so the Dragonfly can be seen.

3. Pour your resin into the mold. I used a heat gun to remove any bubbles before I place my items into the resin.

I am working upside down in this mold, so I place the dragonfly and sunflower in first. Then I fill the back with dried botanicals and glass bead fillers.

Leave the resin to cure.

4 .I used Squid-Craft for my next two layers. Mix according to the instructions prior to adding any colors.

I added LED Fairy Lights prior to pouring my first Squid-Craft Layer.

For this project I mixed in a “glow-in-the-dark” blue pigment to each of the two pours

Leave the resin to cure between pours.

5 . As my heart mold was “dull” on the inside, a top coat is required.

I mixed Squid-Craft according to the instructions and poured a thin layer over my mold.

Once the resin has cured, I sanded the back of the mold, used Velcro to hold the LED light switch to the back as well as added a hook to hang the art.

This article has been written by Heidi Gantz from Dragonfly Treasures. Heidi specializes in home decor projects and has been an incredible supporter of SquidPoxy for a long while. You can catch her at @dragonfly_treasures_resin_art on Instagram to see more of her work!