Capturing Dragonflies in Resin

In this tutorial, Heidi from Dragonfly Treasures Resin Art teaches you how to create a heart-shaped home décor ornament with a dragonfly and epoxy resin. This tutorial is ideal if you are getting started with epoxy resin!


Squid-Craft, Squid-Art, Acrylic Paint (Yellow/Orange/Red), Mica Powders (Yellow/Orange/Red/Purple), 18” Squid-Round Form, Flowers/Botanicals/Bark or Wood – Dried

The Steps

1. Prepare your Squid Round Form according toinstructions – Ensure you “seal” prior to using with silicone caulking

2. Prepare your Squid Round Form according to instructions – Ensure you “seal” prior to using with silicone caulking

3. Pour your sunset colours into the form in order of Yellow/Orange/Red.

Warm the colours carefully with a heat gun and let the colours blend together.

Add the purple on top of the red and warm again with your heat gun. Be careful not to burn your resin or damage your form.

4. Layer your dried botanicals, bark and flowers into the form.

The Squid-Craft will cure and hold your flowers/botanicals so that they do not move when you pour your final clear layer.

5. Prepare your Squid-Art according to the instructions.

Squid-Art can be poured up to 1.5” so for this project it was perfect, as I wanted a crystal-clear layer to cover the flowers

6. Pour enough of the Squid-Art over the botanicals to seal them.

Do not cover completely as for this project I wanted to obtain a 3D look once completed.

7. Once removed from the Form, sand the edges and drill two holes on the top.

Use decorative chain to hang the Art Piece.

This article has been written by Heidi Gantz from Dragonfly Treasures. Heidi specializes in home decor projects and has been an incredible supporter of SquidPoxy for a long while. You can catch her at @dragonfly_treasures_resin_art on Instagram to see more of her work!