Crystal Clear Flower Tray

In this tutorial, Rihan from Resin by RiRi teaches you how to create a beautiful crystal clear flower tray with our Squid-Clear Fast epoxy resin. This tutorial is ideal if you are getting started with epoxy resin!

Squid-Clear Fast, Dried Flowers, Butterfly Cutouts, Heat Gun, Silicon Mold, Tray Handles, Gold and Copper Leaf.


1. Mix the resin, Squid-Clear Fast is 2 part resin to1 part hardener (2A:1B). 

Read instructions carefully before use.  Use a resin calculator to calculate how much resin you need based on your mold size.

2. Place your dried flowers and butterflies on your silicon tray mold the way you would like it to look.  You can use any shape of tray or coaster for this.

3. Pour your resin onto your tray, as you pour, your flowers and butterflies will move around. You can then go through with a wooden pick and move your flowers back into place and pop the bubbles that appear from under the butterflies.

4. Once you have shifted your flowers and butterflies back to where you want them, push down on each one to make sure none of them are floating and they are fully covered with resin.  Now you can add your gold and copper leaf.

5. Leave your resin to get thicker before putting in your handles.  I wait about 9 hours and come back once the resin is a bit stickier and then I insert the handles.  Now leave the tray alone and let it harden.  In total from start to finish it takes about32 hours.

6. Time to de-mold!

This article has been written by Rihan from Resin by RiRi. Rihan is a resin artist in Edmonton who creates various different art pieces with resin, going from coasters to trays to home decor pieces. Thank you for taking your time to record your whole process and teach others how you use our resin. Check out @resin.byriri on Instagram to see more of her incredible work!