Ocean Sunset Resin Wall Art

In this tutorial, Heidi from Dragonfly Treasures Resin Art teaches you how to create an ocean resin sunset wall art.


Large Wood Board Cut Into The Shape Of A Surfboard (My Board Measured 36”h X 12” W After It Was Cut),
Acrylic Paint – Ocean Colours/sunset Colours
, Mica Powders
Squid Craft Epoxy Resin,
Painters Tape
Vinyl, (Cricut)


1. Use a saw to cut your board into the shape of a surfboard

2. Paint the colours you are going to use on the board as your base

3. Tape off the end you will work on first. I started the sunset first, so tape off the portion of the board that will be the ocean, so the colours don’t flow into the ocean part

4. Your squidcraft according to the instructions

5. Mix your mica powders/acrylic paint into three parts of resin. Layer your colours onto the top of the board. Colours I used in order:
, Orange
& Red

6. Let the first layer of sunset colours cure overnight

8. Let the second layer cure overnight

9. Remove the tape

10. Flip your board so you can work on the beach/ocean part

11. Tape off the sunset portion of your board so the ocean coloured resin does not touch/flow over the sunset

12. Start with your beach

13. Mix your squidcraft according to the instructions

14. Mix your sand/rocks into your resin and layer it onto the board. Add your seashells and rocks to your beach. Let the resin cure overnight

15. Start with a clear layer of resin on the beach

16. Mix your colour of blues you chose into your resin

17. Layer the light blue resin starting at the edge of your beach working up to the top

18. Blend the darker blue tinted resin with the light blue and bring that to the edge of your sunset.

19. Warm the resin up with your heat gun. This will warm up the resin to make it move with your waves, and will remove bubbles

20. I use “casting craft” and white “alchol ink” together to create my waves. Mix a small portion into resin

21. When the resin is warmed up with your heat gun, place a thin layer of clear resin where you wish to have your wave, follow with your white resin.

22. Use your heat gun to warm the resin and start to move across the “wave”, being careful to not overheat and burn the resin.

23. Repeat this process for each wave

24. Let the resin cure overnight

25. To create the appearance of a 3d wave, move up your board and pour your blue colours to begin the 2nd wave. Repeat the same process to create your waves.

26. You can continue to “move up” your board to create as many layers as you would like

27. Once your ocean is completed, remove the tape that was protecting your “sunset”

28. I used my cricut and vinyl to cut out a boat to place on the sunset edge

This article has been written by Heidi Gantz from Dragonfly Treasures. Heidi specializes in home decor projects and has been an incredible supporter of SquidPoxy for a long while. You can catch her at @dragonfly_treasures_resin_art on Instagram to see more of her work!