Sunflower Resin Wall Art

In this tutorial, Heidi from Dragonfly Treasures Resin Art teaches

you how to create a sunflower resin wall art.


2L Squid Seal, Gloves, Squeegee/ Spreader, Stir
Stick, Mixing Cup (With a 1:1 ratio graph)


1. Mix part A resin to part B hardener with a 1:1 ratio in the mixing cup for a minimum of 3 to 4 minutes thoroughly and slowly.

2. When ready pour over the
cleaned and prepared surface slowly to help reduce creating any air bubbles.

3. Use a trowel/spreader to uniformly spread the resin on the surface

4. The working time is 20 minutes approximately at 68 degree Fahrenheit, giving you enough time to properly pour the resin and properly seal the surface.

5. The resin will cure in 8 hours and you are done!

This tutorial has been created by Kyle from Wirth's Woodwork. Kyle is a self taught woodworker and also one of our ambassadors. He is a perfectionist who has created a wide variety of resin pieces throughout the years. His work always gets us excited and you should definitely check his Instagram to see what I am talking about @wirthswoodwork