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If you’re looking for the best epoxy products to buy in America, you have come to the right place. SquidPoxy will be your last stop for all epoxy products available to buy online in the USA.
SquidPoxy is a leading distributor of high-quality epoxy products online. We make working with epoxy easy by providing our customers with the largest selection of epoxy products for any type of project. We make sure that your next epoxy project will be successful!
Quality products and quality service. Our mission is to be the top provider of high-quality epoxy to our customers in the USA. All of our epoxy products are available to buy online today, thanks in part to a decade’s worth of research, development, and implementation. There is an unlimited amount of potential when it comes to what you can do with epoxy. The sky is the limit.


Our customers love choosing from our selection of color pigments and decorative aggregates. These are the types of creative decisions that make each epoxy project unique. Are you unsure of how much epoxy you will need for your deep pour project? No problem, we love helping our customers find exactly what they need for every project. 
To make things even easier, we have created an epoxy pour calculator which you can find on the navigation menu at the top of our website.
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SquidPoxy is an American manufacturer with its’ main office in Lima, OH. We prioritize our client’s unique epoxy needs so they can complete epoxy projects without any quality issues. SquidPoxy.ca offers the widest selection of epoxy products across the USA. 
SquidPoxy has a thin, medium, and thick pour epoxy available as well as special resins. In our shop, you will find epoxy accessories (must-haves for all creators who use epoxy). Some of our accessories include mixers, trowels, gloves, and stir sticks.

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Looking for the best quality epoxy products online? You have come to the right place. We provide you high-quality epoxy products with free shipping and easy ordering.

Our epoxy products can be used for arts, crafts, hobbies, and more! Check out our online store for more details.