JellyFish Resin Sculpture

In this tutorial, Heidi from Dragonfly Treasures Resin Art teaches you how to create a jellyfish resin sculpture.

Squid-Deep Epoxy Resin (Casts up to 3”), Silicone Mold (3” w x 10”h), Jellyfish (Decorations with glow effect), Led Lights(Color of your choice), Holigraphic Glitter


1. Have your mold ready for the pour

2.  Mix squid deep according to instructions

3. Pour the Squid-Deep until your are halfway up the mold. Then start to layer your jellyfish into the mold

4. Place your led lights into the resin and around the jellyfish. Add a resin crystal on the bottom at the same time.

5. Make sure that some of the led lights were inside the jellyfish and that some of the “tentacles” were out of the resin so they could float in the 2nd layer. Go over the top of the resin carefully with a heat gun to pop any bubbles.

6.  Allow the Squid-Deep to cure. Once the first layer has cured, prepare your Squid-Deep according to the instructions. Finally, pour the last layer of the Squid-Deep into the mold, let it cure and remove from the mold.

This article has been written by Heidi Gantz from Dragonfly Treasures. Heidi specializes in home decor projects and has been an incredible supporter of SquidPoxy for a long while. You can catch her at @dragonfly_treasures_resin_art on Instagram to see more of her work!